Thursday, October 23, 2008

Be Their Sky

When I was 8, the image of parents was "huge". They played as superman and superwoman in my life. I had never seen them fall, or even catch a cold. They stood for strong, determined, and perfect. They were like my sky, protecting me from hurt and provided everything I need. In my childish mind, their strong protection was something unchanged, sometiong would last forever. However, that afternoon changed my mind.

My family had a habit of doing exercise. Every weekends, mom or dad would bring my younger brother and I to the park for sporting. On that Saturday afternoon, mom promised she would go at first but changed her mind just before leaving. She said she was a little bit sick and would rather stay. She went upstairs. I couldn't explain why, but I knew something was wrong. Her voice and expression made me wirried.

I told dad that I wanted to stay and went upstairs to find my mom. Her room was quiet. I pushed the door and entered it silently. Until now, I still couldn't forget the scene. In the dim light, mom sat on the bed, crying. Seeing this, I could only stand beside the door, not knowing what to do.
Finally, she found my standing there.
"Come." she gave me a weak smile.
"What's wrong with you?" I gave her a big hug and asked.
After so many years, when I recalled this event, I could almost see her weeping, " are still too small to understand..."
Her sadness was so personal. I had the feeling that what I said would only disturb her. So I just sat beside her quietly.

I could hardly understand mom's tears. However, since then, my point of view has changed. I started to realize that they could't always be my sky, giving me sunchine and never asked for return. They would be tired and emotional sometimes. I promised myself that I would open my arms when they fell.

Family is actually another word of reliance. Parents aren't always strong as we see. We shouldn't always depend on their protection. Instead, we should give more and be their sky.

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