Friday, March 6, 2009

Get Away from Me

Since we are in the age that has more interests in the opposite gender, we get more ideas about dealing with them. According to my experience, those who are unreasonable, hardly be aware of others’ emotions, or tend to hurt others by saying sarcastic words make me feel worst.

I hate the boys that are difficult to communicate with “hows and whys”, especially when the discussions are about their faults. This kind of people usually can’t accept their mistakes easily. They tend to find excuses to defend themselves. When the discussion (or argument) comes to an end and they find that they have no excuses to use, they may become really awkward and angry. I’ve met one that left me a curse word, and then walked away. It made me even more furious about his attitude than the argument we had.

Plus, I don’t like the boys that are dull to others’ emotions. They just don’t have a sense of what the condition is and be lack of the observation of people’s expressions. That makes them react badly wrong when people are in bad mood (such as playing a unfunny joke to a grieved person) .If they are talkative as well, things get even worse. They are always eager to talk about their own stuffs no matter you look angry, sad or depressed. It’s such a difficult job to deal with them. I have to try really hard not to shout at them and tell them leave me alone.

The boys that I can’t endure the most are those who are sarcastic and criticized. They talk as if their opinions are always right and don’t care about others’ feelings. They like to tease at people, especially girls, about their body-shapes, their appearances and their clothes. I hate to see several boys giggling together and discussing a girl’s bad haircut in a “low” voice. They know nothing about respect and consideration. Unfortunately, they themselves often look even worse than the girls they tease at. This kind of boys just disgusts me.

These three personalities are the three types of people that I don’t know how to get along with well. Since I’m still so young, there are a plenty of things that I have to learn when associating with others. I’ll try to see them in another way, finding out their other virtues. After all, when we can’t change others, we can only change ourselves.

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