Friday, December 19, 2008


Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who was widely known as his nickname “Caligula”, was the third empire of Empire. His father, Germanicus, was the adopted son of emperor Tiberius, who died before getting the reign. Caligula, therefore, became the emperor after the death of Tiberius. He only ruled the Roman Empire for 3 years and died in an assassination committed by Roman Senate.

Caligula was described as a moderate ruler during his early reign. He worked on public reform and built several significant constructions. He also attempted to restore the democratic elections. However, a serious illness made him change the attitude. During the rest of his reign, he earned the awful descriptions of his cruelty and sexual perversity.
After the big turn, Caligula broke the good relationship with Roman Senate. He exiled several sisters and forced his adopted son to commit suicide. Besides, he was also accused of have sex with councilor’s wives and abandoned them in a short time. According to some historians, he was even incest with his own sisters. What’s more, there was an abundant of descriptions of Caligula’s insanity. He once tried to make his beloved horse to be a councilor. The fact also showed that he wasn’t satisfied with being only a king. Being dressed as Hercules, Mercury, Venus, and Apollo in public, he made people worship him as God. He broke the heads of the God statues and put is own head sculptures on them.
Due to his extravagant life, people soon lost their faith toward him. By imposing high taxes, Caligula tried to solve the financial crisis he caused, which raised the indignation of people. Soon, he was killed in an assassination committed by Roman Senate.

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